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July #SweatGoals Training

It is time to sweat it out, improve fitness, see results and have FUN with July #SweatGoals Training... a month-long group training session of workouts, support, motivation and accountability!

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Think of this as small-group-training for you... from anywhere, no location is too far. Everything will be done virtually, in a private Facebook group. Once per week, there will be a LIVE workout which will be streamed via live video in this private group; if the time fits well in your schedule, I hope you join me live!! If not, no worries -- all live workouts will be available to replay for the entire month. The goal is to complete each of these workouts before the end of the week.

What about the other days? I got you covered. A workout plan to follow for the entire week. Awesome.

This month we'll also have WEDNESDAY WHAT'S UP sessions -- where I'll hop on FB live video on Wednesdays to go over your most burning FAQs, topics of interests, etc... plus boost motivation! Again, if you can join live -- AWESOME! If not, feel free to come back and comment below with your own questions and I'll answer those as well!

The support & accountability of a group... without the limitations of specific scheduling are great keys to success. You do the workouts whenever works for YOU. You check-in whenever works for YOU. But remember... this is about improvement (and having fun along the way), so keeping yourself engaged is important!

This month's LIVE workouts will take place on the following days / times (and again, these will be available WHENEVER your schedule allows):

Monday, July 3rd @ 9:30AM EST

Wednesday, July 12th @ 8:45AM EST

Monday, July 17th @ 9:30AM EST

Wednesday, July 26th @ 12:00 PM EST (noon)

Monday, July 31st @ 8:45AM EST

If you're interested in joining, you can CLICK HERE for the Facebook event page or follow the instructions below to join us!! WE START MONDAY, JULY 3rd.

1. Send $25 to one of the following: >> Venmo: @Maggie-Binkley >> PayPal: 2. Request to join the private FB group:

Can't wait to get my sweat on with you this month!! Maggie

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