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Welcome! I decided to create these meal plans and make them available to you for such a small fee because I believe in the... 

Value of knowledge (of what's actually healthy),

Importance of balance (it's not easy to decipher a 'balanced' & nutritious diet),

Need for variety & enjoyment of the foods we eat (or we'll give up too easily), and the

Absolute necessity of ease in preparation & execution (because requiring too many ingredients, complicated recipes, or extremely time-consuming prep-work will leave you 'sick of' eating healthy... and I don't want that!).

(what your plan will look like!)

So that's why these are here. 

If you seek a plan that is simple & easy, yet still healthy & tasty... you have come to the right place. This is NOT a diet, but a way to simply improve your lifestyle & way of eating. 


Each plan differs in recipes so that you don't get bored. And each plan is only $8 so that you can eat healthy, without breaking the bank to get a truly helpful plan that will make life easier, you healthier, and your taste buds happier. 

You can follow any particular plan for as long as you'd like. Once you get bored, or want more options, move onto another. 

Once you purchase your plan, it'll arrive in your email inbox within 12 hours (in PDF format). You may print it or download it to your phone / tablet / computer for ease of access. 

Each meal plan has 3 breakfast options, 3 lunch options, 3 dinner options and 5 snacks. There is at least 1 vegetarian option for each meal. And since I follow intermittent fasting (IF), I also provide tips on how to integrate this into your day as well, using these meal plans (but this is NOT required).


Meal Plan #4 does not include specific breakfast, lunch & dinner recipes. It includes 6 MEALS and 6 SNACKS, which is more inline with how I eat, especially since I follow IF.

These meal plans are NOT written by a nutritionist / dietitian. I have a degree in nutrition, but that doesn't give me the 'expertise' to prescribe nutrition plans. These meal plans are made up of recipes and foods I CONSUME regularly. I decided to share them with you because they work for me and they keep my life simple (when it comes to eating). 

I accept credit card & Venmo to make it easy for you to get your hands on what I offer.

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To purchase via Venmo, send $8 to Venmo username @Maggie-Binkley

**please remember to include your email address in the notes

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