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NUTRITION is a vital piece of the pie when you have health goals. Whether those goals are to lose a couple pounds, improve muscle tone, lower blood pressure or fend of illness, proper NUTRITION is mandatory to be successful. 

I'll be the first to admit I'm not perfect when it comes

to my own nutrition, but that's because I love & enjoy

food so much. So to assure my health is rockin' and I

stay on track to my goals, I have a few key products I keep

in my back pocket, so to speak, and use daily to boost

my nutrition, improve my workouts, and amp up recovery.

Let me help...


post-workout, recovery, refuel, optimal nutrition


pre-workout, energy boost

Drink ZYN

anti-inflammatory, joint healing, muscle recovery


post-workout | recovery | refuel | optimal nutrition supplement

NOTE: this is *not* a protein shake. This nutrient-packed formula helps your body function at its highest potential... and that means your metabolism is boosted, weight loss efforts can improve, your immune system is strong, energy is steady all day long, your cravings for junk diminishes, digestion improves and you become more, eh-hum, 'regular.'  
I recommend drinking it daily, post-workout, to aid recovery.
And keep in mind, this is a HEALTH supplement... not a sweet tooth replacement (even though most people find it does satisfy the most wicked sweet tooth!). My point? This is used to supplement your health, not act as a milkshake that you pack full of extra calories.
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pre-workout | energy boost

I love anything that boosts my workout... while keeping my health in mind as well.
That's why I love Beachbody Performance Energize. And you will too. It gives a boost to help you power through workouts, making the most of every move, every muscle worked and every calorie burnt. Who doesn't love that?!  
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anti-inflammatory | joint healing | muscle recovery

If you've heard of turmeric, you might know it's hugely popular for its anti-inflammatory benefits. What gives it this reputation is actually CURCUMIN, which is found within turmeric's root.
It's not as simple to reap the benefits of turmeric as we might think. CURCUMIN needs to be present in high quantities and consumed in the presence of adaptogens in order to be absorbed and utilized by the body. That's where this [honestly] delicious drink comes in.
ZYN created this drink (which isn't actually a supplement, but still fit best on this page) to make it easy for us to benefit from this awesome nutrient. With 200mg of CURCUMIN (equal to 10-15 turmeric roots in each bottle) and the adaptogen PIPERINE (black pepper extract), absorption is increased by over 2,000% - this means it can truly make a difference in your life.
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*Individual results may vary*