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When do I move on from Series 1.0, 2.0, and so-on?


I generally recommend you stick with a Series and follow the weekly schedule for 4+ weeks before moving onto the next. With that said, everyone is different. You may choose to move on sooner or later for a number of reasons (fitness level, variety, consistency, etc). Listen to your body, but if you find yourself going easily through the moves you've done several times, it's time to move forward! 

Is it okay to do more than one of your 15-minute workouts in a day?


Absolutely. If your body feels ready for more and you have the extra time to add in another 15-minute workout, go for it! I have launched 30-minute workout combos so you can train safely & effectively by combining the 15-minute workouts appropriately. Click here to sign-in & save them all.


How do I add in your Yoga Series without following the 5-day schedule? 

I have created this Yoga Guide for you! Download it now and get the benefits of yoga no matter how much time you have available.


How many calories do I burn during your 15-minute workouts?

I recommend logging your workout with me using My Fitness Pal to estimate your calories burned during my workouts. Use the exercise lookup feature & type "calisthenics" into the search bar and choose "Calisthenics (pushups, sit-ups), vigorous effort" from the matching results. Then enter your weight & number of minutes of exercise to determine your calories burned. Since calorie burn is unique to each person based upon a number of varying factors, this is the best way to determine how many calories you burn with me. *NOTE: There is also a "light/moderate effort" calisthenics option as well, which you might choose if you feel that light/moderate effort more accurately describes your effort during the workout. 


I don't have Facebook. Can I still join your monthly fitness contest / group?

YES, but you will not have access to the LIVE workouts or the group discussions, which are really important pieces of joining. However, you can still participate in the contest portion of the group. To take full advantage of all the group has to offer, I recommend creating a FB account solely to use for this group. You can even sign up with a different name, just tell me which name you use! 


What workout mat do you use? Would you recommend it?

I used to use a basic yoga mat and it drove me crazy when it would 'shed' all over the place (as if my sweat isn't enough to clean up after working out!). I love the mat I'm currently using which I shared in this Instagram post. Here are the mat specs:

Gaiam brand // 6mm performance yoga mat // reversible // no-slip texture on both sides // cute colors ;-) 


Do you have any other favorite products or recommendations?

Of course!  I have some here on my website. And a whole bunch more on my Amazon favorites list.

Do you have a question? Ask in my ASK MAGGIE Community page!

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