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Why Right NOW is Perfect for Change

Join my crew for ALL kinds of fun QUICK workouts, 24/7 support, nutrition info & more!!!

Here's the deal: fall is here & that means it's time to dial down, amp up our focus on nutrition & fitness in preparation for the holidays.

Umm wait... how does fall being here and the holidays being just around the corner lead to that conclusion?

2 main reasons:

  • Summer was busy & left most of us feeling the extra indulgences we [happily] consumed over the lovely season, and

  • The fall is typically less crazy for most of us... which gives a precious gift of time to focus on fitness+nutrition before the hectic schedules, the indulgences & stress starts up again (side note: remind yourself it's GOOD stress, guys!) with the HOLIDAYS!

In my opinion (and you're reading this... so THAT'S the opinion you get to hear!), it's all about balance, timing, planning & happiness...

Balancing your day-to-day fitness & nutrition choices with the timing of holidays (and other events!), taking the time to plan around your goals & be diligent, and allowing for happy indulgences that wont end up working against you... because you're doing the right things to make sure life works FOR YOU (=happiness).

I believe in the power of lifestyle changes. They work because they are consistent. They work because they're attainable AND sustainable. And that's because, when done correctly, we feel (consistently) happy because we're full of energy, vitality, strength and confidence.

And right now is such a perfect time to put some extra focus into WHAT this looks like for you (because it's slightly different for all of us). And I am here to help. So is my crew (all they ever do is help each other, give suggestions, encouragement & love... and it pretty much makes me swell with happiness!).

My monthly fitness contests/groups are about WAY more than losing weight or inches. That's not even a goal for many who join me. It's about creating a lifestyle you are HAPPY with, that is sustainable and healthy. Something that makes you feel so good in your skin... you kinda can't get enough.

October is the perfect time to get at it with us. I'm inviting you to take a chance on it & see what it can do for you... because if you want it to work for you, IT WILL. Read more about it here & sign up before the deadline of Sunday, October 6th (we start on the 7th!).

Before you move on, I do want to mention a few other things that are either new or coming really soon...

  • 15-MINUTE YOGA SERIES 2.0 is now available on my website, and coming [super] soon to your Amazon Prime Video platform.

  • My new YOGA GUIDE is now available for you to benefit from 15-minute yoga no matter how much time you have available. Click here to get it.

  • More 30-MINUTE WORKOUT plans will launch this week, so make sure you're signed up as a site member to access these. There are currently four "Burn & Tone" plans and seven other 30-minute plans, specific to each of my Series (i.e. Series 1.0, 2.0, etc). If you have/want 30-minutes instead of 15, follow these plans to be sure you're training SMART.

  • Meal Plan #4 will be dropping soon. Stay tuned! And try any of my other Meal Plans in the mean time.

  • 15-Minute Workout Series 8.0 (with weights!) will launch by the end of 2019. Stay tuned on this as well... and thank you for being excited for this upcoming program! Check out Series 6.0 or Series 7.0 for other workouts with weights I've released.

That's all for now! Thank you SO much for being here and for your awesomeness. Make it a GREAT day and keep in touch!!

Sweaty hugs!

-Maggie :)


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