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New Workouts: with weights!

Chances are you've heard Series 6.0 (my new 15-minute workout series with weights) has launched! It's been 2 weeks and I have been absolutely floored by your words and reactions regarding this series - thank you for being excited & eager for these workouts. And for integrating them into your workout schedule! In this short period of time that they have been available to you, I can already tell you one thing: there will be more weighted workouts coming your way in the future (and on a slight side note, but to answer many who have asked me: yes, there will be more yoga coming your way in the future as well).

If you haven't tried Series 6.0 yet, I'm here today to share with you what it's all about & what you can expect in doing these workouts.

Each of my other 15-Minute Workout Series (Series 1.0 - 5.0, as well as Yoga 1.0) have five (5) weekly workouts. Series 6.0 is kicking it up a notch not only by giving you SIX (6) workouts each week, but by the addition of resistance. Resistance training can be done without weights (hello all of my other Series!), but there is certainly benefit to the adding MORE resistance to your exercise routine -- and in Series 6.0, it's with the addition of dumbbells to challenge your body in new ways, continue to sculpt your muscles and improve both your strength & endurance to an even greater extent. If you want to continue changing your body, you have to continuously add CHALLENGE to your body. And when you're crunched for time and 15-30 minutes is what you have to work with, you have to be more diligent about your plan to make this happen. And that is, quite simply, a huge reason I created Series 6.0.

So let's talk about the actual WORKOUTS included in Series 6.0! Like I said, there are 6. The schedule is to complete all 6 workouts in a weeks' time, and then have a day for rest & recovery. You can begin on any day of the week, but for simplicity, I propose Monday (and plan for a Sunday rest-day). *Note: you can find the entire Series 6.0, including workout schedule, on my website by clicking here. Links to play them directly on Amazon are included there as well (FREE for Prime Members in the US & UK). If you do not have Amazon Prime / Video and prefer to get these directly from me, click here. You can get the entire Series in a package, or the individual workouts. Side note: all of my Series are now available on my website.

Monday: 15-Minute Full Body Challenge I 6.0

This workout is quite simply as it sounds: a full body challenge meant to build lean muscle and burn fat. This is the first of 2 full body workouts in this program's weekly schedule (yay!). This workout works your entire body with challenging compound strength movements that particularly target the legs, chest, back, shoulders and core. A LOT of work in a small amount of time.

Tuesday: 15-Minute Cardio Challenge 6.0

I designed this workout to really push & challenge your endurance and increase lean muscle tone. Let me be clear: this is no typical cardio workout. This workout still uses weights, but the focus shifts to lighter weights and more cardio-focused moves to continue the goal to leanness and fat shredding.

Wednesday: 15-Minute Upper Body Sculpt 6.0

After back-to-back days of some serious full body, your arms might be slightly fatigued, but I promise you they are ready for these 15-minutes of focus. This workout is all about your chest, back, biceps, triceps and core. To sculpt your upper half, you MUST work it like this.

Thursday: 15-Minute HIIT 6.0

This HIIT workout is unlike any other you've done with me. With the incorporation of weights, this workout is much more about compound, super-challenging, effective moves that will leave you gasping for air without the typical "jumping around" HIIT workout exercises. If you haven't done some of these moves before, don't worry! You will be just fine after one or two times through with me. And I promise you'll feel like a million bucks every time you complete this one.

Friday: 15-Minute Lower Body Chisel 6.0

I love leg day! And that's all this day is dedicated to: your legs. Aside from Upper Body Sculpt 6.0, you are working your legs every day (you're welcome), but this day is solely focused on that lower half to make sure you lift the appropriate (most likely heavier) weights to challenge those legs completely.

Saturday: 15-Minute Full Body Challenge II 6.0

How much fun is this -- your second dedicated full body workout of the week! This one differs from your Monday workout in that the exercises integrate more biceps and triceps, but still legs, chest, back and core. This workout definitely rounds-out your week and leave you READY for Sunday's rest day. And when you earn & deserve it, it makes it that much better.

I've also received some FAQs about this series, so check these out in case you've wondered the same thing! And email me if you have more questions, please. :)

Can I do these workouts without dumbbells?

Absolutely! But there are exercises in these workouts that you need weights for in order to get the most out of the move. So by all means you can give these a try without weights, but remember that you will benefit greatly by investing in a couple dumbbells to complete them.

What if I am only just finding your workouts? Can I start with Series 6.0?

This answer will vary from person to person, based upon your current fitness level and how active you have been prior to deciding to workout with me (PS: thank you for making that decision!!). I recommend starting with Series 1.0 and working your way through all 5 workout Series, but that doesn't mean you can't begin with ANY of my Series. I offer modifications in each workout, so you are more than welcome to begin wherever you choose. Just remember to listen to your body and concentrate on maintaining perfect form through each move in each workout. I also typically recommend sticking with a Series for 4+ weeks before moving onto the next one, but this is adjustable based upon YOU as well.

What about a 30-minute / day schedule, like you offer with the other workout Series? Do you have a 30-minute schedule for Series 6.0?

I sure do! Click here to download your 30-minute program from my website, free (scroll to the bottom or click the shortcut link at the top to "30-minute workout plans").

I've said it before but I'll say it again... THANK YOU for sharing in your fitness journey with me! I love hearing from you about your journey, story, progress, struggles and wins. It's an honor to me and I hope you know how much I appreciate YOU.

I can't wait to hear how 6.0 goes for you!! Have a wonderful, happy, healthy & SWEATY sort of day. :)



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