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High Intensity, Low Impact Workouts (that work)

If you shy away from high impact workouts for any reason, read on... because high intensity, low impact workouts are right under your nose (and you may not even realize it)!

Maybe you're a "Maggie veteran" and we've been working out together forever and you've gone through ALL 8 (soon to be 9!) of my workout programs - maybe even Yoga as well! (and if that's you, let me pause to say I LOVE YOU and you are da bomb dot com)... or maybe you've tried one or two of my workouts... or MAYBE you have yet to hit play and sweat it up with me. Regardless of which category you fall within, I wanted to share one VERY important thing with you about my workouts & their respective full programs (AKA Series).

First of all, every single one of my workouts can be done LOW IMPACT - which does not take away from the workout's difficulty, by the way (and I provide these options throughout!) >> NOTE:

Low impact does NOT equal low intensity. And in order to improve your fitness, you need INTENSITY, not impact. Intensity is how hard you push yourself and give your all. Intensity is your key, your ticket to advancing and making changes in your body & your overall fitness.

Because I'm a one-man-show, there may be times that I'm a little delayed in providing that lower impact option (i.e. I share it in the 2nd round), but they're there. And the reason - is to make sure you get the workout YOU need, can do PROPERLY, and feel AWESOME about afterwards. That's my ultimate goal with all of my workouts.

But back to my main point and what you might not even realize is just under your nose with my workouts...

As my workout Series have evolved since Series 1.0, I have made even MORE lower impact options. Maybe you've already discovered that. In Series 1.0 through Series 5.0, the workouts (particularly the HIIT workouts) tend to veer towards 'high impact' overall (with awesome low impact options, of course!). And all high intensity, without question.

But lower impact, high intensity workouts have come along naturally since my creation of Series 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 (and coming soon 9.0).

And that's particularly due to the integration of weights (which began in Series 6.0). Take my HIIT workouts for example. In the Series 1.0 HIIT workout, you push through moves like squat jumps, burpees & mountain climbers. In the Series 6.0 HIIT workout, you're powering through dumbbell swings, squat thrusts and squat clean & presses. If you're reading this and you're like ummmm I don't know what these exercise names are, don't you worry! Just trust me that the HIIT 1.0 workout, in essence, is higher impact than the HIIT 6.0 workout.

And really, the overall message I really want to drive home with this information... is that you shouldn't be scared of moving forward in my Series. And that you shouldn't be fearful of going through my workouts in general. No matter your fitness level. There are options, and if you need to get creative, do it! Getting the workout done is the most important thing, even if you're switching out a move or two that just don't work well for you!

So my challenge for you is to push yourself. Try the next Series program plan. Give that HIIT workout a shot. Follow my weekly schedules and trust the process. If you want / need quick, effective workouts that are excuse-proof for a million reasons... you're in the right place and I promise to be there to help you.

What questions or comments do you have for me? I'm here & happy to listen and provide the best answers I can for you!

Sweaty hugs,

Maggie :)


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