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30-Minute Workout Plans (& more 15-min plans!)

For years, you guys have asked me how to combine two of my 15-minute workouts to make an awesome 30-minute sweat sesh. And I have always complied with your request because - if you have the time for & want 30-minutes - I want you to use that time efficiently, smart, safely and [all-inall] combine the workouts in a manner that will amp results but not leave you over-training muscles or increasing risk of injury.

Allow me to digress for just a moment though & be clear about one thing:

You do not *need* 30-minutes to see results. You can, and will, make progress with 15-minutes per day.

My 15-minute Series are meant to give you the power to make change without feeling like you don't have the time or the resources to make a difference. My programs have been created diligently to help you make the most of those 15 minutes. *PS see below for how to switch it up and keep your body challenged with 15-minutes / day.

But, because many of you love combining for 30-minutes per day, or some days, of the week - I have created & launched these plans for you to follow so you can keep your mind fresh, your body challenged and your results coming.

Click here to access & save all of these 'BURN & TONE' workouts I have created. These combine workouts together from ALL of my workout series - so you can keep it seriously fresh. I also have my 30-minute 'SERIES' plans where you can follow a plan of 30-minutes / day *within* a particular workout series (all of the workouts in one of these plans will include workouts only from one particular series, i.e. Series 3.0).

Oh, and by the way! If you want MORE weekly workout plans of just 15-minutes per day, have you checked out my 15-MINUTE 'SWITCH-IT-UP' plans?! These are perfect for the same reason as my 30-min plans. They will keep your body and mind challenged and progressing forward. Never get bored of the Series plans and ALWAYS keep improving! If you have questions, please ask!! And check out my COMMUNITY page and FAQ for discussions and questions that I would love for you to chime in on!

Have an awesome day!



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