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Deadline: Tomorrow

High five me if you used to jam out some Tae Bo with my man, Billy Blanks! (motions a high five to the screen). In high school, I used to wake up before school & kick it (literally) with him in the basement. Now, I wanna kick it with you!

Happy Easter & beginning of Passover to you all! I'm baking a [hopefully] delicious ham, egg & cheese casserole to wake up with Easter morning, and we're super excited to go on a little Easter egg hunt tonight with our niece & nephew. I hope you have some wonderful, enjoyable plans this weekend -- however relaxing or eventful they may be. ENJOY & make the most of it all -- regardless.

Once Easter comes & goes, we're bouncing back into reality Easter Monday with the start of my #SpringForward April Fitness Contest! I am super excited to experience this month's fitness group with you all. We have a great crew lined up already, and - like I've said before - the more the MERRIER. More people = more prizes (not to mention more motivation, more perspectives, more friends to make, etc!). So if you've even *thought* about joining... do 1 of 2 things...

1) email me any & all questions you have!, or

2) head here & sign up already!

What in the world do you have to lose? (The answer is *nothing,* but you have a whole lot to gain). Tools that will help you truly (and longterm) modify your fitness, nutrition and mindset to become happier & healthier... but you have to put yourself there to reap the benefits.

We're gonna have a blast (and see some awesome results, by the way) -- and I hope you're there to experience it with us!

Please reach out with any questions! And if you'd like to join with a friend, please do!!

Chat soon :) Maggie

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