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Wedding Week Workout Plan

As you may (or may not) know, I am getting married this Saturday, December 9th. The excitement jitters have taken over... and I am in complete blissful happiness anticipating our big day & all that encompasses it.

One thing that will absolutely - 100% - not fall to the wayside ...

(I'm sure you can guess)


They will change as my workout environment changes when we arrive in Florida, but they will still exist.

I wanted to share a unique challenge with you this week, something I haven't put together before - and hoped you would take on the challenge as I get closer and closer to tying the knot on Saturday.

If you haven't tried my 15-minute workouts on Amazon yet, now would be a fun time to give them a whirl! They are all included with your Prime membership!

Not a Prime member? Sign up for 30 days free by clicking this link (this is when I did my free trial last year... which was perfect timing for holiday shopping!) >>

My challenge to you this week::: 2 per day!

Maybe 30 minutes sounds like a lot to you... maybe it doesn't. Either way, I promise these will kick tail and make you feel strong & accomplished (see below for direct links to each workout)!

* QUICK LINKS to each workout *






Find ALL of my workouts on Amazon here.

Check out the weekly schedules for SERIES 1.0 - 5.0 here.

Make sure you follow me on Facebook / Instagram so you can stay motivated EACH DAY of this week (and beyond)!!! Plus... you know that's where I'll be sharing wedding pics!

Happy sweating! Maggie

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