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Why 15-Minute Workouts?

Workouts are one of my favorite things...🎶 So WHY 15-minute workouts? Why did I choose that length of time for releasing workouts to Amazon for your sweating pleasure?

I designed my 15-Minute Workout Series to show that if you follow an effective program design... you really can reach your goals. You don't have to spend hours in the gym to be successful.

Number 1: "Not everybody got time for that." ☀️ 😜

(horrible English, but I hope you giggle!)

How many times have you skipped a workout or given up on your fitness goals for X amount of time because the time commitment it seemed to require was JUST TOO STEEP... leaving you with feelings of defeat that led to giving up all together? Ahhh this is SO HARD for me as a fitness professional! And you know why??? Because starting back up is SO MUCH HARDER when you've fallen off the wagon for a bit. It makes me wanna cry -- really. YOU CAN ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS without having the find the time for daily, hour-long workouts. Your workouts just need to be EFFECTIVE & CONSISTENT. I created the 15-Minute Series to be effective (more on that in a second) & to be SIMPLE for you to stay consistent -- as they don't need any equipment, can be done anywhere & are quick to complete start to finish. And that, my friends, makes a girl like me happy because YOU are happy!

NUMBER 2: Following an EFFECTIVE program is more

important thank you think.💪🏻

Following a program that is designed diligently with balance between muscle groups, cardio, strength, balance, endurance, power and flexibility is more important (& effective!) than trudging away on the cardio machine or randomly throwing the iron around. Each of the workouts in the 15-Minute Series fit together to WORK together. The plan you follow is diligent. It's been designed with purpose. One day is different than the next, and compliments the day before & after. You can go 5 days/week for short periods of time and make a difference in your results (i.e. How you look, feel, how your clothes fit, what the scale says, your confidence level, energy, etc!) without feeling overwhelmed with the time commitment. The way you push yourself through the workouts counts (i.e. Modifying or advancing moves), but the program itself will move you forward. Not to mention the cost is cheap & you don't need to purchase any equipment (except maybe a mat!).

NUMBER 3: If it's not CONVENIENT for you, it's just

*not* going to happen.👍🏻

Right?!! There's a million factors in the "convenience" factor, but one of the most common reasons for "failure" (AKA lack of follow-through) is this example: you join a gym, but it's a pain in the butt for you to get there... or takes more time with the 'get ready, drive there, put things in lockers, workout, drive home' scenario... and you end up taking a day off, then another, then another... maybe you've been there yourself. Whatever the inconvenience factor is... it's a true fact that if something isn't convenient, we're SO much less likely to do it. So? Workout at home, or wherever you are. Make it convenient and easy to do. And not super time-consuming. And voila, you're gonna move FORWARD.

🍏 And of course-- NUTRITION is always an important factor. Without improving your nutrition, you'll eventually plateau. But since I am a fitness professional, my primary focus is on helping you build a fitness habit, increase motivation, and reach your fit goals. (I do love to offer my nutrition tips & healthy recipes on occasion, so keep your eyes peeled for that!)

Time, effectiveness & convenience. Those are the 3 primary reasons I've created the 15-Minute Workout Series for you. And will continue releasing more... Series 5.0 is coming this fall. Get excited!

What SERIES are you on now? Are you just getting ready to start? Do you have any questions for me? I'm always just a quick message away! Find me on FB or shoot me an email.


Thoughts?! Questions?? 😃

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