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FREE Live Virtual Workout!

You know I host monthly VIRTUAL FITNESS GROUPS. And if you didn't know that... now you do. They are awesome. Basically a bunch of awesome people who come together with fitness goals, to share accountability, to motivate / be motivated, to learn a thing or two, have a fitness plan to follow, and to keep driving FORWARD towards their goals.

plank knee drive

I wanted to give you a good sneak peek into what one of our LIVE workouts is like. The LIVE workouts happen every week -- and those in the group can either do them with me live *or* replay the live stream when their schedule allows. It's completely up to them. I stream them LIVE in a *private* Facebook group, then they are housed there until the end of the month (in other words, all of the LIVE workouts are available for the entire month of the fitness group - they don't disappear).

This workout is a full body + gonna make you sweat + challenging (but fun if you let it be!) workout. It's just about an hour long, requires zero equipment (but a mat is helpful!) and I want to share it with YOU. I burned about 600 calories when we did this workout.

To access this workout, simply > CLICK HERE < to shoot me an email and I will send you the link to access it.

You gotta work hard... but hard work is what gives amazing payoff. Am I right? (Yes)

Maggie :)

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