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Workout of the Week: Low Impact Cardio + Lower Focus

If you are guilty of back-side-neglect, let this week's workout be your savior.

First, you're hitting up the cardio for 30-minutes of intervals on the elliptical, a great tool for keeping impact low (but intensity high). If you're without an elliptical, or you have access to one that hurts your knees, try another form of cardio -- just stick with the same intensity & intervals as outlined below. The idea is to get your heart rate up & allow for recovery periods throughout... hence the term INTERVALS (which I *love* by the way). The elliptical I use has a max level of 20, for reference.


Guys!! Girls!! Do *NOT* - I repeat - DO NOT neglect these sweet, amazing muscles of yours.

Unless you want back pain or muscle imbalances that can easily lead to injury. I didn't think so.

So join me for this simple, yet effective, focus on your booty-booty & the backside above and below it.

No stability ball? Invest in one. But if you don't have one this week, you can still do these exercises on the floor. Use a towel & a surface it will slide along (or a paper plate on carpet) for your hamstring curls, lying on your back just like you would with the ball. And for the glute raises & back extensions, just lay on your tummy and lift your quads / upper half off the floor, respectively.

Questions? Comment below! SUCCESS? Comment, comment, comment! :)

Now, go get sweaty!!


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