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Treadmill Running Workouts

The treadmill didn’t earn the nickname ‘dreadmill’ by accident. Trucking away on the treadmill for any period of time can be straight up boring! And there is no sense in working out if you’re going to be bored…

Boredom can erode your entire workout experience. It can put you off maintaining any kind of exercise program and even if you do get to the gym and get moving, boredom will take the pep out of your step and even reduce the number of calories you burn during a workout (boooo to that!).

You’ll be much better off if you are exhilarated throughout, fully engaged and energized by it. You will sustain your program and achieve results!

So here is something that should guard you against treadmill drudgery! Allow these four treadmill workouts to help keep boredom at bay, calorie burn high and your fitness on the incline!

Before you non-runners discard these treadmill workouts, you can absolutely do these by replacing the ‘run’ with a walk. So there really is no excuse! You're welcome. :)

In terms of required intensity, just use common sense and push yourself in the same way as recommended below to get a killer workout.

In each of these workouts, feel free to adjust to what your body can handle; you are your best judge as long as you are aware and sensible! Note two columns in particular: SPEED + INCLINE.

The SPEED column – use this as a guide to determine how quick your legs should be going.

SLOW = a leisurely stroll (heart rate not much higher than resting).

EASY = a clip faster than slow

MODERATE = an easy jog

CHALLENGING = when your jog feels more like a run

TOUGH = a hard run

SPRINT = a pace you could only maintain for up to 30 seconds

The INCLINE column - that's your percent (%) incline!

Click through the slideshow (below) for all 4 workouts.

There you have it! Some new treadmill options that should either spice up your treadmill jogs that just got stale and boring... or even interest those of you who have never been inclined to hop on a treadmill at all and pound out the miles, these might make you look at treadmill possibilities in a whole new light.

Enjoy these treadmill running workouts and make sure you connect with me for more workouts and fitness advice! I'm here to help you reach your goals. :)

Until next time,


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