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I'm a 42-year-old mother of two energetic boys. My husband and I are journalists working behind the scenes at competing local news stations in Washington, DC. I grew up in Montana, went to college in Alabama, and started my career in Charleston, SC. As much as I love Charleston, I've claimed Northern Virginia as my home. My father grew up in southern Virginia, so I feel I belong here. I lost my father to brain cancer in 2009. A few years after his passing, I started running a 5K race in DC called Race for Hope to benefit brain cancer and brain tumor research, eventually starting my own team. This has been a major influence in my exercise regime, but recent injuries and a torn disc in my lower back has made my fitness goals difficult to achieve as of late. I'm here to recommit, to work through the pain, and try to get this body in a condition I can be proud of ... I'm ready to work.