Real results can happen in just 15-minutes / day! And I'm here to show you how. This Series will help you feel strong, agile & awesome as you have fun working towards your fitness & health goals. This workout series with weights is comprised of 6 x 15-minute workouts -- one tabata HIIT workout, a full body balance workout, a cardio + upper body workout, legs & booty workout, a core workout and a total body workout to finish up the week. Begin this Series after repeating Series 8.0 (for 4+ weeks, or until you feel ready to move on) for a fresh, varied challenge. 


Included in this package are all 6 x 15-minute workouts of Workout Series 9.0. 


Series 9.0 Weekly Workout Schedule: 
*Monday- HIIT 9.0
*Tuesday- Balance & Burn 9.0
*Wednesday- Upper Body Chisel 9.0
*Thursday- Legs & Booty Sculpt 9.0
*Friday- Core Challenge 9.0

*Saturday- Total Body Shred 9.0

Reap the benefits of YOGA in just 15 minutes / day with one of my 15-minute yoga series! You can easily add them on at the end of one of these workouts or on Sundays for some added recovery.

Workout SERIES 9.0 *Package*

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