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*FREE DOWNLOAD: enter code: free in promo code at checkout.* Want more than 15-minutes/day? Awesome! This is a safe & effective plan to follow if you have more time for fitness, but still want to follow my Series 6.0 workout program [available on Amazon Video]. **PLEASE NOTE you must listen to your body when deciding to 'double-up' on these workouts. If you feel fatigued and your form starts to break, consider scaling back to 15-minutes/day.** All workouts noted to follow in this plan are specifically from the Series 6.0 + Yoga 1.0 Series. I have strategically added a few yoga workouts to make sure you recover adequately & stretch your body, which many of us often forget (and this is OH-SO-important!). Have fun!! And if you like this, please share with a friend! 

30-Minute Workout Plan: Series 6.0

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