I'm not here to tell you it'll be easy, but it will be worth it. You are worth it. You deserve to feel your best - and to have fun in the process. That is what my fitness groups are all about.


Each month, I provide a new unique schedule that promises to keep your body & mind challenged, nutrition information, & bonus LIVE workouts to show what you're capable of (these are a blast - I promise!). You also receive the incredible support, motivation and inspiration of my crew. You will feel the love from the moment you say "I'm in" and you will be hooked when you feel how much of a difference it makes - both in your mind & your results. 

I can't wait to have you.

Sweaty hugs,


Why Join My Crew

Perfect for all fitness levels & all health goals

No-excuses workout schedule

Personalized help & tips from me

2 bonus LIVE - streamed workouts (you can replay 24/7)

Nutrition tips & info (new topic each month)

Support, inspiration & motivation from the crew 24/7

Optional measurement & leaderboard contests - be rewarded with gift cards for your progress & hard work.


(first month free)


Fitness Group FAQ

Do I need a Facebook account to join?

Yes. That is where all of the action & fun takes place - from the LIVE workouts to the group discussions. If you're not on Facebook, I recommend creating an account solely to use for this group. You can even sign up with a different name, just tell me which name you use so I know who you are when you join.

How do your monthly fitness groups work?

I host my fitness groups each month in a private group on Facebook. This is where all of the fun, crew discussions, support, information and LIVE workouts happen. Every month, a new group is created. After you sign-up for the monthly group on my website, you will receieve an email with all access information.

What is the LIVE Workout Collection?

This is a collection of past LIVE Workouts that were streamed in prior monthly fitness groups. The library is accessible with an ANNUAL or MONTHLY+ plan. Read more here.

How do I access the workouts shown on the schedule?

All workouts shown on the current month's workout schedule can be streamed on Amazon Video, free with a Prime membership (click here). If you do not have a Prime membership or are outside of the United States, you may access the workouts by purchasing them here.

What are the LIVE Workouts?

Two fresh, awesome, fun & challenging LIVE workouts are included in each month's fitness group. They are always different & provide a new challenge. They are uplifting and will push you to see just what you are capable of. They are streamed live in our private Facebook group. You may opt to join live or replay anytime (24/7) that fits in your schedule. The workouts will be available, in our Facebook group, for the entire duration of the monthly group.

Do I have to participate in the contest portion of the group?

Absolutely NOT. This is an optional portion of my groups. I recommend participating in the contest If you are trying to lose weight / inches and are motivated by winning prizes for your progress, or by the friendly competition you feel when you opt-in to participate. If you do choose to participate, you will find all of the info to do so in your monthly Guide.

What types of prizes are awarded to the contest champs?

Prizes are awarded to the top champs each month in the form of gift cards! YAY!

Where can I find this month's schedule?

The workout schedule is different each month to be sure YOU continue to challenge both your mind + body. This is super important to both sticking with it and to continue seeing progress. The workout schedule will always be posted in the Fitness Group Forum (accessible once you sign-up with a Fitness Group Plan). This is also where you'll find this month's Guide & link to join the Facebook group.