#HeartMonth Tips (Take 2)

Even though Heart Month is officially over, it takes daily, sustainable changes to make things happen. If you missed my first 4 tips for how to get moving and make healthy (sustainable) changes in your life, make sure you head over to https://www.fitnessmaggie.com/blog/heartmonth-tips to check them out. And if you've been ever-so-patiently waiting for the remaining 4 tips, today is your lucky day (Happy St. Patrick's Day!!🍀). Tip #5 - Play (AKA "Live") Offensively Tip #6 - High Intensity Does NOT Equal High Impact Tip #7 - Drink Water! Tip #8 - Small Changes DO Add Up And remember, each link is a quick, 1-2 minute video. So you can listen, learn, & be armed and dangerous in a VERY small amo

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