New Workouts: with weights!

Chances are you've heard Series 6.0 (my new 15-minute workout series with weights) has launched! It's been 2 weeks and I have been absolutely floored by your words and reactions regarding this series - thank you for being excited & eager for these workouts. And for integrating them into your workout schedule! In this short period of time that they have been available to you, I can already tell you one thing: there will be more weighted workouts coming your way in the future (and on a slight side note, but to answer many who have asked me: yes, there will be more yoga coming your way in the future as well). If you haven't tried Series 6.0 yet, I'm here today to share with you what it's all ab

Fitness Contest FAQ

Have a question about my fitness contest groups? Check this our for the most FAQs, answered!

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