Deadline: Tomorrow

High five me if you used to jam out some Tae Bo with my man, Billy Blanks! (motions a high five to the screen). In high school, I used to wake up before school & kick it (literally) with him in the basement. Now, I wanna kick it with you! Happy Easter & beginning of Passover to you all! I'm baking a [hopefully] delicious ham, egg & cheese casserole to wake up with Easter morning, and we're super excited to go on a little Easter egg hunt tonight with our niece & nephew. I hope you have some wonderful, enjoyable plans this weekend -- however relaxing or eventful they may be. ENJOY & make the most of it all -- regardless. Once Easter comes & goes, we're bouncing back into reality Easter Monday

Spring Forward (Fitness-Style)

It's time for another fitness contest! And this one comes at perfect post-Easter sweets + post-April Fool's + pre-SUMMER BODY timing! #amiright? (yes) I'm not the first one to tell you that you can't wake up Memorial Day weekend and decide you want to be in great summer shape -- it takes a lot more prep-work than that (...for those of you who live in the lovely South & didn't put that together -- Memorial Day is when the POOLS open up for the season in most places *not* warm year-round). If you need a little boost to get on track to that summer bod... this will be a fantastic group for you to do so. Back it up -- do I *encourage* needing to 'get in summer shape?' NO. I encourage staying in t

It's HERE! Make Meal Plan #2 Yours

I know you've been seriously on the edge of your seat waiting for Meal Plan #2!😉 Whether or not that's true, it is here! These aren't spoilers, as I've already announced that these recipes would be included on this one (make sure you follow me on Facebook & Instagram, friends!) ... so get excited for these *amazing* (not to mention healthy & seriously easy) oatmeal cookies as well as my sister's *incredible* veggie burger recipe. Just like Meal Plan #1, there are 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3 dinners, 5 snacks, and a plethora of other 'info' sprinkled throughout (read all about the meal plans here). If you haven't gotten your hands on Meal Plan #1 yet, I recommend going in order. Start with #1

What's My Workout Routine?

This is a question I am asked often... and aside from sharing my workouts intermittently on Instagram or Facebook, I don't think I've ever really shared my specific workout schedule / routine. And there is reason behind that, much of which is due to my own personal history with fitness. Let me explain... I've been working out consistently since my senior year in high school. I got 'the bug' to begin working out when I got my driver's license at 16 and started going to our neighborhood YMCA with my best friend, Kristin. Within a year, I guess you could say I became addicted -- but not in an unhealthy way. I loved going to the Y. I loved trying exercises I pulled from fitness magazines (this w

🍀 IRISH I Was Fit - Starts Tomorrow!

Good morning, friends! Happy SUNDAY! Today in Baltimore, the sun is shining bright and the crazy winds have calmed down - finally! We lost power Friday night and were 'forced' (it wasn't a bad thing!) to entertain ourselves with cards, ghost stories, a creative dinner & snacks (without reaching into the fridge), and lots of candles! While we made it fun, I'm happy our power is back.😉 However, I know many people still are without power... so I am hopeful their's will be restored STAT. Despite the weather & crazy things going on in this world... life still goes on & we're responsible for how happy / productive / meaningful / successful / fulfilling our own lives are -- which brings me to this

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