Cyber Monday, Fitness-Style😅

Cyber Monday is about here... and for us that means we kick off our one-week DEFY DECEMBER Fitness Contest — and you need to be there.💪🏻🤩 Why?? Get back on track! Prize Incentives Weight loss Motivation Fitness plan to follow Accountability ... to name a few.🙌🏻 This will be an awesome week of getting back on track, DEFYING what the holidays often bring each year— weight gain & food struggles. We’ll focus in hard— together. And reap the benefits together! BUT you have to sign up today! The more the merrier (literally— more participants = more prizes). Invite your friends, parents, siblings, aunts, uncles & cousins... let’s do this! Every detail can be found here  (

Thanksgiving Detox Plan👌🏻

Eat & drink too much yesterday? ME TOO. Still leftovers you’ll be snacking on for the rest of this weekend? ME TOO. 👊🏻🤩That’s exactly why you should JOIN ME for my one-week Defy December Fitness Contest that starts on Monday! It will be fun, motivating and get you back on track. While the holidays are 110% for enjoying delicious foods/drinks and spending QT with the people you love, oftentimes that comes at the price of weight gain. And that weight gain is hard to take off ... so why not try to avoid it in the first place? That’s what we’ll do. Together. With a fantastic PLAN and PRIZE INCENTIVES for you to work hard. Because let’s be real... your effort to maintain (or lose) this winter

Treadmill + Back & Triceps {Workout of the Week}

Drop the mic. This week's workout was pretty sweet. My triceps were sore for days (... which includes today as I write this). My back and legs also FELT the work. And that's always a sign of a good workout (my opinion... but that counts, right?!). I have been limiting my running because of my recent arthritis diagnosis. But with my new rigid shoe insole, I feel more confident that I'm not damaging my toe joint at an accelerating pace. However, my foot & ankle haven't been feeling great post-run so I haven't been doing a lot of it (probably because of the insole and the difference in which my foot is moving with it). It's both more comfortable and enjoyable to do intervals... like below. If y

Cardio & Upper Body [Workout of the Week]

When you have a fun way to workout, it's the best way to workout! This week's workout of the week is awesome for changing it up, keeping your heart rate up, pushing you physically and keeping boredom at bay. That's all for today!! Just this awesome workout-- if you have questions, send them my way! Cheers & happy sweating! Maggie

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