Workout of the Week: Full Body Circuit

This week's WORKOUT OF THE WEEK requires zero equipment, but promises to work your entire body with FIERCE. Each circuit is composed of 3 moves with 3 primary 'purposes'-- Get your heart rate up to optimize calorie burn Challenge the upper half Challenge the lower half Each move doesn't just stop there. For example, you won't find one 'boring' push-up in this workout. Instead, you'll find push-ups combined with other moves to give your upper half - which includes your entire core! - a serious challenge so YOU can continue to improve your fitness... and therefore keep moving forward towards your goals. It's a challenging workout. BUT keep one thing in mind -- it'll go quick if you focus on ea

Workout of the Week: Run + Chest & Back

HEY you!! So... the big question is, did you partake in watching the solar eclipse today?! We totally did! While it was slightly disappointing (a storm literally rolled in exactly when it was peaking!), we DID get to see it and we're grateful for that [most likely] once in a lifetime experience. So how about this week's WORKOUT OF THE WEEK?! Yay for sweat!!! This week, you're taking it relatively easy (I say that because you're not doing intervals) and just running it out on the treadmill / outside / wherever for 20 minutes. Warm-up for a couple minutes then move into 'push pace,' which means I'd like you to be breathing heavy... it would be difficult to carry on a conversation at your pace.

Workout of the Week: Elliptical + Leg Day

I realized the last several 'workout of the weeks' I have shared have been upper body! Totally unintentional to have left out my favorite day..... LEG DAY! I am strategic about when I work my legs. And every other muscle group for that matter. I try to make sure I have a balance between the LIVE classes I lead virtually, high impact exercise (like running) and low-impact (like the elliptical, among other things). And of course balance through each of the muscle groups. Too much of one thing can - and will - lead to injury (been there, dealt with that). So often - not always - I pair leg day with a lower impact form of cardio, like the elliptical. It honestly depends on the rest of my workout

How This Mama Lost 5.6 Pounds in 17 Days

Losing weight is impressive. When you've entered into a 'slump' that makes your efforts feel like literally lifting an elephant off your shoulders... that 'impressiveness' is amped to a whole new level. That's what happened with this amazing mother of twins. She backed herself into a hole of self-loathing, sadness and inadequacies. It took time to get there, but when she felt at her lowest, she also felt empowered to take ACTION. So she joined my July Virtual Fitness Group. In just 17 days, she had lost 5.6+ pounds (with no intention of finding that weight again) and impressed herself with the results she saw in herself. Less bloated. Visible toning. This boosted her confidence and has lit a

Why 15-Minute Workouts?

Workouts are one of my favorite things...🎶 So WHY 15-minute workouts? Why did I choose that length of time for releasing workouts to Amazon for your sweating pleasure? I designed my 15-Minute Workout Series to show that if you follow an effective program design... you really can reach your goals. You don't have to spend hours in the gym to be successful. Number 1: "Not everybody got time for that." ☀️ 😜 (horrible English, but I hope you giggle!) How many times have you skipped a workout or given up on your fitness goals for X amount of time because the time commitment it seemed to require was JUST TOO STEEP... leaving you with feelings of defeat that led to giving up all together? Ahhh th

Workout of the Week: Incline Walk + High Rep Arms

So I know you what you might be thinking... ANOTHER treadmill and arm workout?! And my response... YUP. Reminder / news flash... while I am a HUGE believer in variety in your workouts... they also kinda have to be a little bit monotonous to get that consistency you NEED for results / continued improvement. And these are MY workouts I'm sharing with you -- not just a workout I wrote up for you to follow. And this one is actually from TODAY. Today's was a high-rep arm workout with some low-impact cardio. My left knee was feeling a little wonky, so I opted for walking today. And I wanted to switch things up a lot with some high-rep biceps and triceps work. As long as the last 3-5 reps are a CHA

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