Workout of the Week: Treadmill + Arms & Shoulders

If you've been enjoying adding some variety to your routine with my 'workouts of the week,' I just know you're going to love the challenge of this week's. The treadmill run (or walk... see below for how I suggest making this a power walk workout!) is meant to seriously challenge your endurance, mental & physical strength, and put your body into mega calorie-burn mode. You start with a warm-up, per usual. Then, you run at a challenging pace for each of the designated distances (starting with 0.25 miles). Note the INCLINE will increase each time the distance decreases. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Well, my *hope* is that you'll have to work harder, and you may feel like you have to decrease your speed

Get RESULTS This August!

After months of success in my virtual fitness groups, I am PUMPED to invite you to August's Summer Smackdown! It's going to be better than ever. No more letting summer slip down the tube without keeping up your fitness regimen -- or going through the entire summer without getting one started! -- we're here to motivate, dominate and feel GREAT in our skin. Here's all you need to know about it... get reading because we start August 1st! WHAT IS IT? Guarantee your August declares #summersmackdown with 5 (five) LIVE workouts, a weekly workout plan to follow, daily motivation + accountability from myself & your peers, weekly chats to answer FAQs, topics of interest, etc! HOW DO THE LIVE WORKOUTS

Workout of the Week: Treadmill + Chest & Back

Good morning, friends!! This weekend has been an incredible one for me... I got to hang out with 6 of the most important women in my life and celebrate my upcoming wedding with them! I am immensely grateful for the work they put into making my Bachelorette weekend SO STINKIN SPECIAL. We did everything you could possibly think of that would make time spent with friends perfect in every way.... starting with a Saturday morning workout at Orange Theory Fitness!!! That's not the workout I'll be sharing today, but man-oh-man did we LOVE it (and leave there mega sweat-drenched). A huge thank you to my sister for planning everything this weekend... my mom for helping her & preparing everything at h

FREE Live Virtual Workout!

You know I host monthly VIRTUAL FITNESS GROUPS. And if you didn't know that... now you do. They are awesome. Basically a bunch of awesome people who come together with fitness goals, to share accountability, to motivate / be motivated, to learn a thing or two, have a fitness plan to follow, and to keep driving FORWARD towards their goals. I wanted to give you a good sneak peek into what one of our LIVE workouts is like. The LIVE workouts happen every week -- and those in the group can either do them with me live *or* replay the live stream when their schedule allows. It's completely up to them. I stream them LIVE in a *private* Facebook group, then they are housed there until the end of the

Workout of the Week: Low Impact Cardio + Lower Focus

If you are guilty of back-side-neglect, let this week's workout be your savior. First, you're hitting up the cardio for 30-minutes of intervals on the elliptical, a great tool for keeping impact low (but intensity high). If you're without an elliptical, or you have access to one that hurts your knees, try another form of cardio -- just stick with the same intensity & intervals as outlined below. The idea is to get your heart rate up & allow for recovery periods throughout... hence the term INTERVALS (which I *love* by the way). The elliptical I use has a max level of 20, for reference. Next up::: GLUTES + HAMSTRINGS + LOWER BACK. Guys!! Girls!! Do *NOT* - I repeat - DO NOT neglect these swee

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